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Welcome to Lewis & Associates Inc.

We specialize in obtaining the absolute maximum amount available from your residential or commercial property insurance claims. Insurance companies spend millions of dollars every year to convince you of their credibility and fairness. At the same time, they are training their adjusters to pay you as little as possible when a loss occurs.

Until now, because most policies are difficult to interpret and hard to understand, you have been at the mercy of "what they think is fair" in the settlement of your insurance claim. It is our job to see that you receive the MAXIMUM amount payable under your policy.

Mr. Lewis has gained his expertise and knowledge from over 45 years of experience in the insurance industry. This can mean thousands of additional dollars for you when you let Lewis & Associates represent you in the settlement of your next commercial or residential insurance claim.

When you experience a loss contact us immediately! Each hour you wait can cost you money. 

When a loss occurs, Lewis & Associates interprets the coverage, determines the damage, presents your claim, and finalizes the proper settlement for the maximum amount possible.

We represent YOU, not the insurance company, to see that you get the absolute MAXIMUM amount payable to you on your claim.

When we deem necessary, other professionals such as accountants, structural engineers, contractors, and lawyers will be used in preparing your claim. Lewis & Associates is licensed and bonded in accordance with the regulations of the Oklahoma State Insurance Commission.  Member of the Better Business Bureau.

Types of Claims

Our specialty is fire and storm losses. On fire losses many times insurance companies tend to “patch up” storm damage especially in the structural or attic areas. We have our own in-house estimator to determine the damage. Once we, with your concurrence, reach an agreed repair cost with the insurance company you can select your own contractor. We also prepare the inventory of the personal property which is quite a tedious job considering you must separate the totally destroyed items from the repairable or cleanable items. We know what to do.

On tornado and hail losses your home may have been “racked” by the twisting and turning of winds associated with a tornado. Hail many times accompanies tornados or high winds. Insurance companies seem to want to ignore this type of damage. We prevent this from happening.

Water damage associated with broken or frozen pipes can cause a great amount of damage both to the structure and personal damage. We have handled many of this type of damage with great success. This type of loss has to be handled quickly to prevent a mold problem.

Losses are many times difficult in that you have to prove what was stolen. The insurance companies many times question your honesty. We know how to prove your loss.

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